Refinancing Installments (Cars/Large Motorcycles/Motorcycles) 原車融資分期
If you have a vehicle, turnover of funds is no biggie, easily apply for quick grants. 只要您有車,資金周轉不是問題,簡易申辦快速撥款。
Fund allocation is easy 申辦簡易
Simple application procedure with no limit to the type or age of the vehicle, no need to have the vehicle detained, and easy fund allocation. 不限車種車齡、免留車,資金調度好簡單。
Easy 輕鬆還款
Reduce the burden for repayments up to 7 years. 最長7年,大大減輕還款負擔!
Fast 審核快速
Reply in 2 hours. 最快2小時內回覆結果。
Quick 撥款快速
The funds are granted once the contract has been signed and all documents are present. 簽約完成,文件齊全,即可撥款。

Open to Anyone 任何職業皆可申辦
Available to nationals of the Republic of China over 18 years old, or foreigners with an Alien Residence Certificate (ARC). 只要您為年滿18歲之中華民國國民,或持居留證之外國人。
※ The Company reserves the right for approval of the cases and conditions. ※ 本公司保留案件核准與否及核准條件之權利。

立即免費諮詢 Free Consultation Now

請點選您希望的聯絡方式,將有您的專屬顧問,為您提供資金規劃。 Please select a preferred method, we will contact and provide you with financial planning.


Green Corporation of Hotai Finance Corporation 和潤企業的綠色使命

Through environmental protection, bettering corporate governance, and strengthening corporate social responsibility, we strive to become an eco-friendly green enterprise. 在追求公司成長同時,我們也兼顧環境友善,朝綠色企業之目標邁進,並以組織化的方式推行和潤的永續管理