Raw Materials financing 原物料分期
The purchased raw materials and semi-finished products are “sold to Hotai Finance and then bought back in installments” for financial leverage and circulation of capital. 將採購之原物料、半成品「先出售予和潤,後分期買回」,達到財務槓桿、資金周轉等效果。
Improve the Utilization Efficiency of the Capital 提升資金運用效能
Flexible operations, improve the circulation of capital to avoid issues such as turnover failure. 可彈性操作,提高資金流動力,避免資金周轉不靈的問題。
Wide Range of Industries 承作產業廣泛
Hotai Finance has branched out into a variety of fields, and can provide financial solutions for customers in various industries. 和潤跨足多元領域,可替不同產業的客戶提供資金解決方案。
Flexible Payment Methods 付款方式靈活
Flexible installments, fixed or stepped repayments can be used according to various needs. 期數彈性,可依企業需求規劃定額式、階梯式等還款模式。
No Bank Credit Limit 不佔銀行信用額度
Does not count towards the bank’s credit limit, and is an additional channel for capital. 不佔銀行信用額度,可作為額外資金管道。

※ 本公司保留案件核准與否及核准條件之權利。 ※ The company reserves the right for approval of the cases and conditions.

Successful Cases 成功案例分享
Chairman Liu of a construction company 營造公司
Chairman Liu’s company builds factories and general residential housing. With customers often requesting short-term invoices, the revenue on the financial reports vary from NTD$ 100 million to 300 million. In addition to real estate guarantees and bank loans, most of the loans are provided at the beginning and end of the year, which makes them extremely inconvenient to use. Fortunately, Hotai Finance can be a regular financing channel with flexible loans, and reasonable interest. If there is a need for large loans, real estate and client checks can be used as sources for fundraising. This offsets the risk of credit withdrawn from banks. Hotai Finance provides professional financial services and consultation to greatly reduce the costs and efforts of capital transfers. 劉董事長的公司,平時的工程來源為建置廠房與一般民宅興建,因民宅常面臨客戶要求短開發票問題,導致財報營收在1億~3億不規則變化,銀行借款除了不動產擔保,大多額度就提供在年頭年尾,使用上極為不方便,幸有和潤作為固定的融資管道,借款彈性,利息合理,若有大額度需求,不動產、客票皆可以拿來操作,補足了資金需求點與銀行抽銀根風險,且又有專業金融業務的諮詢建議,大大減低資金調度的成本與心力。

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Green Corporation of Hotai Finance Corporation 和潤企業的綠色使命

Through environmental protection, bettering corporate governance, and strengthening corporate social responsibility, we strive to become an eco-friendly green enterprise. 在追求公司成長同時,我們也兼顧環境友善,朝綠色企業之目標邁進,並以組織化的方式推行和潤的永續管理