Installments for Equipment 設備分期
The purchase of various equipment can be paid in installments through Hotai Finance without the need for a massive one-time payment. 無論採購各式設備,皆可透過和潤辦理分期付款,不需一次性支出大筆費用。
Lower the Threshold for Purchasing Equipment 降低設備購置門檻
Reduce the burden of large expenses when purchasing equipment, and maintain business competitiveness. 減輕購置設備時的大筆開銷負擔,保持企業競爭力。
Improve the Utilization Efficiency of the Capital 提升資金運用效能
Avoid turnover failure, improve circulation of capital for flexible use. 避免周轉不靈,提高資金流動力,資金運用更靈活。
Flexible Payment Methods 付款方式靈活
Flexible installments, fixed or stepped repayments can be used according to various needs. 期數彈性,可依企業需求規劃定額式、階梯式等還款模式。
Customized Financial Solutions 客製財務方案
Professional financial advisors propose financial solutions tailored according to various industry. 由專業金融顧問,依產業別量身規劃資金解決方案。

※ 本公司保留案件核准與否及核准條件之權利。 ※ The company reserves the right for approval of the cases and conditions.

Successful Cases 成功案例分享
Dr. Chen, a doctor aiming to start his own clinic 準備開業的
Dr. Chen is an experienced dentist that has spent years seeing plenty of patients. To serve patients more conveniently, he decided to go out and open his very own clinic. During the stage of preparation, in addition to him seeing patients as he usually does, the equipment and decoration plans for the new clinic, the preparation of funds, and various payments to each business overwhelmed Dr. Chen and caused him to loose sleep at night. Eventually, Dr. Chen was introduced to Hotai Finance by his senior colleague about a plan of clinic opening. Not only did it help Dr. Chen solve his financial problems, the follow-up payment process was simplified through the connection between Hotai Finance and the other suppliers. Dr. Chen now has his own clinic, and prioritizes employing Hotai Finance for future procurement of equipment. 陳醫師是一位經驗豐富的牙醫師,在外看診多年、技藝純熟。為更方便服務患者,決定自行出來開業。籌備開業期間除了原本看診的業務外,新診所設備與裝潢規劃、資金的籌備及每間廠商五花八門的付款方式,讓陳醫師忙得焦頭爛額、夜不能寐。後來經學長介紹和潤的醫療開業專案,除了幫陳醫師解決資金上的問題,透過和潤與廠商的對接,也簡化了後續付款流程,現在陳醫師的診所已經開立,面對未來設備採購也會優先考慮和潤方案。

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Green Corporation of Hotai Finance Corporation 和潤企業的綠色使命

Through environmental protection, bettering corporate governance, and strengthening corporate social responsibility, we strive to become an eco-friendly green enterprise. 在追求公司成長同時,我們也兼顧環境友善,朝綠色企業之目標邁進,並以組織化的方式推行和潤的永續管理