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Kai-Rong Yang, Senior Manager楊鎧榮 協理
Audit Division稽核室
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感謝您對於和潤企業股份有限公司的支持與關切,若您有重大事項需要反映給我們,請填寫下方反映資料表。如股東、客戶、供應商等利害關係人之權益受侵害時,可向公司發言人反映申訴。 Thank you for your support and concern for Hotai Finance Corporation. If you have any important matters to report to us, please fill in the following information form. If the rights and interests of the shareholders, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders have been infringed, they can file a complaint to the Company’s Spokesperson.

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Hotai Finance Corporation 和潤企業

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Green Corporation of Hotai Finance Corporation 和潤企業的綠色使命

Through environmental protection, bettering corporate governance, and strengthening corporate social responsibility, we strive to become an eco-friendly green enterprise. 在追求公司成長同時,我們也兼顧環境友善,朝綠色企業之目標邁進,並以組織化的方式推行和潤的永續管理